What are we Doing Wrong

This will not be a write up for political change, or a call to arms.  I fully understand the danger of guns in this country but I also understand that we are far to gone to ever stop this Nation from having guns.  The good guys will always need them because the bad guys will never put them down.  I believe that part we all understand to a certain extent.  The part none of seem to understand is why are people, more so children, going into schools and shooting anything moving.  We want to blame the guns, we want to blame the politicians, we never want to blame the kids doing it or their parents.  What are We Doing Wrong. 

The media will perpetuate gun violence by even reporting false facts.  The news is telling us that there has been 18 mass shootings in schools since the beginning of the new year.  Factual yes there have been 18 gun incidents and that is a problem, but they have not been mass shooting, they have been accidents in some cases, or suicides, or stray bullets, and in many cases no one was even hurt.  The media will not hesitate to misinterpret the numbers in order to create fear in favor of ratings.  This again does help us solve the problem of What are We Doing Wrong.  

My guess on some of this is that we may never be able to fully stop these styles of killings in this Nation.  There are to many illegal guns on the streets, people making them in their homes and machine shops, and stealing them from their parents.  We struggle to identify who is going to be the next shooter, we struggle to see mental illness, we struggle to create an environment in which kids will stop killing each other.  What are We doing Wrong?

I like to think that I am doing everything humanly right with my kids to set them on a path to live a good life.  I like to think that they will follow in my footsteps and do the right things.  The reality is that they are their own people and sometimes you don’t get to control the road they will travel.  I don’t want this to sound like an excuse for bad behavior but a perception of reality.  Getting children help when they need it and not ignoring signs of disturbing behavior is something we are not very good at.  What are We Doing Wrong?

Each community suffers gun violence in different ways.  Mass shootings effect the white community more than any other.  Gun violence in the black community is isolated to individual acts of violence.  In both cases it is unacceptable for these people to take the lives of others.  What are We Doing Wrong?

I am not looking for political change, I am not looking to ban guns, I am looking for someone out there to find the answer on what we can do better as people.  The more these incidents happen the more numb we will become to them.  The news is littered everyday with someone shooting someone all the time.  We simply glance right over it only focusing on the next big play, or what the weather will be like tomorrow.  There names are lost in a matter of seconds, that’s even if we cared enough to hear it.  What we are doing wrong is something that has to many properties to give one solid answer for, the bottom line is that we need to start caring, caring for each other, just giving a shit.  I want my daughters to attend school without fear, because the real world is scary enough.

What are We Doing Wrong?