Frankie and the Dumpling

So after  very short hiatus the Freak contacted me to tell me that he is doing a dumplin eating contest in Philadelphia at Sang Keen Noodle House.  He will be hanging with some of his buddies from wing bowl like Shittsburgh I mean  Pittsburgh PaulieDave Brunelli, and for the love of god Heather Cahill.  Go ahead click that link, you won’t be disappointed.   The gist of the competition is to finish 58 Dumplings (48 for women) in 45 minutes, and your meal is on Sangkee, plus receive a $88 Sangkee Gift Card.  So basically no chewing, just swallowing.  My pick is on a certain contender that I believe can swallow all day, yup Pittsburgh Paulie.  You sly fuckers, I know what you were going to say.   It’s almost dumplin time.

Dumplin Eating

No nerves this time as Frankie Paul looks to do better than his what ever place finish he had at the wing bowl.  He managed a 1k check out of the deal and some good times.   Not the rookie debut he was looking for but the competitive eating world is the real deal.  You can just go in there thinking you can just back door the competition.  There is another innuendo, dammit.  Someone is this story has me screwing up.  If you want to suck down some moist dumplins, and get that wet hot juice, MOTHER FUCK again, I quite.

Here’s Me and Ron Jeremy:

me and ron