DOW (Drinks of the Week)

Round two for Lake Wood Brewing Company.  This week we are trying the Hopp-Trapp Belgian Style IPA.  This is the second of the two beers that I got from Lake Wood Brewing.  The Vienna Style Lager was more up my alley but this one was also an enjoyable beer.  I can’t say that I will get this one again any time soon only because it was just okay.  This is most likely because  I am not really a big IPA guy.  If you enjoy IPA’s this one may suit you well.

Earlier in the week I went to Bethany Blues in Bethany Beach Delaware.  I had a few beers there as well.  The list provided by the bar didn’t have to many craft beers on it, actually it only had 4 so I tried 3 out of the 4.  I had Dog Fish Head Indian Brown,  RAR Nanticoke Nectar IPA, and Golden Roads Wolf Pup Session IPA.  All were decent but if I had to choose one our of the three to add to the Garage Fridge would be the Golden Roads Wolf Pup.


I also went to a wedding on Friday night.  So yeah I drank a shit ton.  I didn’t really drink beer because I don’t count Miller Lite as a beer.  I did manage to throw down about 10 vodka tonics.  They were so good.  We had a shuttle that took us back to the hotel so it was great to not have to worry about driving.  It was on of those wedding where we ran into about a dozen people that we had no idea was gong to be there.

Saturday I though abour getting ahead of this write but my buddy S showed up and we spent the afternoon talking about damn near everything.  Well that means I needed to drink so I put down about 10 wine coolers, I mean Miller Lites.  This is the beer I drink when I don’t want to get drunk.  It’s always in the fridge.  S is one of the best cooks I know, and love the outdoors.  Check out his youtube channel 302 Outdoors.

Next Week we try our first of 2 Beers from 16 Mile Brewery.  This is a brewer out of Southern Delaware that makes an array of aweome brews.  Delaware is one of the best Craft Beer States in the Nation.

Till next week, remeber enver drink alone, it’s boring.