Relax It’s Sunday

I know the day is a bit dreary but this week has been anything but.  I had a work function at the beach, attended a wedding, had some great beers, and took my girls to see a flick.  I am sure something negative happened some where in there but I don’t care nor will I waste time trying to remember.  Lets look back at another great week.

Earlier in the week I had a work thing in Bethany Beach.  I won’t talk about boring ole work, but rather tell you about Bethany Blues in Bethany Beach Delaware.  This is a great bar / restaurant who serves great BBQ, beers, and good times.  I enjoyed a few beers such as  Dog Fish Head Indian Brown,  RAR Nanticoke Nectar IPA, and Golden Roads Wolf Pup Session IPA.  My beer choice for the week was  Lake Wood Brewing Company’s Hopp-Trapp Belgian Style IPA.  If I had to choose between all of the beer the Hopp-Trapp was the best one that I had.  Last Week I had their Vienna Style Lager which I really enjoyed.  Both will end up in the Garage Fridge this summer.

Friday Night we went to a Vietnamese / Italian wedding at the Waterfall in Claymont Delaware.  Holy shit was this an awesome wedding.  The spread that was put on was the most amazing spread I have ever seen.  There was a mix of culturally inspired foods, mini tacos, a lady caring a sword of meat, yes a sword of fucking meat, and…………..dramatic pause…………. a GOD DAMN BACON STATION.  Be still my heart, literally from the bacon I may have had a mini heart attack.  It’s okay though because I powered through it by eating more BACON!!!!!!!


Saturday we spent the day at the house trying our best to recover from the wedding.  I mean I did drink like 10 vodka tonics.  My boy S stopped over for a bit and we sat around having an impromptu story time.  You know these moments they start with like one beer and you start reminiscing about all kinds of things.   It was a really good time.  That all wrapped up around who the hell knows what time, and I think I fell asleep around 830.  I know I am a pop-pop.

Sunday the weather continues to be shit, but at least it isn’t snow.  My wife had a Rodan and Fields brunch, so I took the girls to go see Peter Rabbit at Westown Movie Theater.  I wanted to see Black Panther but that will have to wait until another day.  The girls loved Peter Rabbit so I guess I can’t argue that.  Either way it was a nice way to end the week.  Now I sit and enjoy a glass of Woodford Reserve and look forward to another great week.  Oh, and I am drinking the Woodford neat, like a man.