Trade Foles While the Stock is High

This isn’t going to get any easier to say, but TRADE NICK FOLES!  Look it’s nice and romantic to sit back and think that he can stay the back up for Carson Wentz.  I also know that we need to have something stable just in case Carson can’t come back right away.  This is all well and good, but the goal is not to be one and done.  The goal is to keep adding pieces to this team to sustain long-term success.  If you are able to get 1 or 2 early round picks for Nick Foles then you take it.  Sell when the Stock is high. 

I understand that there are good arguments for keeping Foles.  Yes the Eagles should allow maximum time for Carson to recover, we don’t want to see an RG3 situation.  In the end though this team has needs if it wants to maintain long-term success.  There are no guarantee’s in the NFL, except that Nick Foles couldn’t get anymore valuable then he is right now.  Unless he wins a second Super Bowl, then you trade Wentz.  Sorry but this is the ‘What have you done for me Lately” league.

Look these players, like it or not, are stocks bottom line.  The teams are the brokers, and they never want to hold onto a stock to long.  Holding on to Nick Foles in hopes that he can play lights out for an unkown period is crazy.  If he starts the season and goes 4-3 his stock will begin to plummet.  If Carson comes back on time, his stock begins to fall.  The talks will get hot and heavy over the next month with the NFL Combine beginning March 2nd.

It would be sad to see the Super Bowl MVP of our only championship get traded away.  In the end this is a business.  The Eagles did everything right this season and trading Foles would just be one more right move.  Could it hurt in the short-term, yes, will it more than likely benefit them in the long run, YES.

We all loved the Jeff Hostetler comparison going into the Playoffs right, well let that story help shape what the Eagles should do also.  The Giants held onto ole Jeff and the Giants slowly fell into decline.  Udnerstand that there were a lot of other factors that played into that yet I am sure that if he were traded for something rather than held onto the Giants may have been in a better position.  Never sacrifice the bigger picture for short term pleasure.  It feels good now, but wining a couple more will be amazing.

The biggest factor for trading Nick Foles is that he deserves the right to be a starter for his own team.  The guy has one more chance to land a life altering contract, plus prove that he is a quality starting QB for a franchise.  The Broncos, Vikings, Cardinals, and other teams are all looking for a QB.  If Jimmy G can get nearly $140 million dollars for winning 6 games then imagine what Foles could get.  If he sits for a year behind Carson, and Carson wins a Super Bowl Foles will never see the big contract.

NOTE:  THE EAGLES NEED DRAFT PICKS.  FOLES could get you 2 or 3 more picks.

  • Round 1 #32: Philadelphia
  • Round 2: None 
  • Round 3: None
  • Round 4 #131: New England (acquired for the Eric Rowe)
  • Round 4 #132: Philadelphia,
  • Round 5 #156: Seattle (acquired for Matt Tobin)
  • Round 5 #169: Philadelphia,
  • Round 6 #206: Philadelphia
  • Round 7: None (Given away in the Tobin Trade)

The Eagles have a chance at some real success over the next decade that we as fans have never seen before.  There are spots on this team that need to be addressed and trading the biggest chip you have will help fill those holes.  Nick will forever be a legend in this town, but holding onto him to long will cost us more than it help us, and his legacy will always be what could we have gotten for him.  Sorry Nick it’s just business.