DOW (Drinks of the Week): 16 Mile Brewery

16 Mile Brewery is a brewer out of Georgetown, Delaware.  They have been around for close to 9 years and continue to make great beers.  Repsonders Ale will be the feature for the week, but like most weeks I am sure to have some others mixed in.  Repsonders will be the first of two beers from 16 Mile that I will be trying.  Next week we try their Tiller Brown Ale.

Responders Ale is a light-bodied beer with 4.1% ABV ( Alcohol By Volume) and 12 IBU’s (International Bitterness Units).  This is an easy-going beer that’s not too bitter.  The best part of this beer is that proceeds from sales go to National Fallen Firefighters Association, so I’ll drink to that.  Here’s to you 1st Responders.Will I see why it’s Responders Ale.  You know when you have had one of those days that you only want to sit around and split a beer with someone who knows what you’re going through, well this is that beer.  I can see the commercial now.  It starts with a massive blaze and the fire fighters scrambling to extinguish the blaze.  The fire is so intense you can feel it thought the T.V.  It takes them a while to put it out, and clearly they are exhausted at the end.  Cut away to them sitting out back in their lawn chairs talking about what they went through with kids running in the background and fire flies twinkling all along.  With the tip of the cap they tap base of their beers together with no words being said, but it clearly speaks volumes.  Yeah that kind of beer.  If you have ever been a 1st repsonders, combat vet, or been through some tough shit, you know how good that beer and company can be.


Ballast Point  I had the Victory at Sea which is a Porter with Coffee and Vanilla and the Peppermint Victory.  I didn’t like the Peppermint too much.  These beers have specialty flavors and I am usually not down with that.  If you have Coffee and Vanilla one in the fridge pour it and let it sit for a bit.  Let this one breath and get up to temperature.  This doesn’t mean put a damn thermometer in it.  Give a minute let the head settle and then enjoy.

Big Oyster Brewery Solar Power Belgian Witbier was surprisingly good.  This White Ale has 6% ABV and a smooth summer flavor.  I really enjoyed this one, well actually 2 of them  while eating at Metro Pub in Middletown, Delaware.  It was Refreshing, and delicious and went well with my Thai Chilli Wings.

Solar Power