Relax It’s Sunday

Well mother nature tested my week.  She tried her hardest to make this week shitty.  Your not bringing me down bitch, will all your snow and shit.  I had some good beer, some good food, a great party, and a daddy daughter dance.  That kind of combo makes for a great week, and now that it’s Sunday I am going to kick back and relax.

Snow, are you shitting me.  I can’t stand when it is 70 one day and then it snows the next day.  It looked great and the landscape was amazing yet it would have been better in December.  The good thing is that it started melting pretty quickly.  Father Time needs to punch Mother Nature in the face she is clearly drunk.

For more detail on the beers that I had this week check out Just Click this blue hyper link thinging and it will magically open a portal of awesomeness to my DOW page.   I had 16 MILE Tiller Brown Ale, Olde School from Dogfishand, All Day IPA from Founders, and Yeastmode from Brick Works.  Brick Works in fairly new to the beer scene but are doing a great job with having food that matches up with their beers.  16 Mile Beer speaks for itself.  They make great English style brews that are simple and good tasting.  Some times less is more.


Daddy Daughter dances are one of those events that you just have to attend to understand how cool they are.  It’s a bunch of grown ass men with zero rhythm trying their damnedest to keep up with their kids is awesome and fun.  The look on your kids face is worth the slightest embarrassment that I get from looking like a dancing log.


Saturday was party day.  A ST PATRICKS FESTIVAL.  I drank a ton of flavored water (Miller and Coors) so I was pissing all night long.  There was a ton of music, Delaware State Police Pipes and Drums, and of course good times.  Thank god I had a bearded midget carrying me all night.


This morning my oldest decided to cook breakfast.  This kid got up and made a sausage and potato frittata.  The frittata had peppers, onions, spinach, and some love.  I am amazed at what this kid can do.  Oh yeah she is 9 and made me a hang over breakfast.  She Rocks.


Another great week down and I already can’t wait to see what next week brings us.