DOW (Drinks of the Week) Left Coast Brewery: Una Mas

Featured Beer:

Left Coast Brewing Company – Una Mas 5.8 ABV and 25 IBU

These guys were tucked away on a shelf at the local LQ and I just so happened to stumble upon them.  This amber lager was actually really good.  It was smooth and went down well.  It really helped kick-start my awesome evening as well.  The hops were subtle and the brew was smooth.  Left coast has been around since about 2004 cranking out beer after beer located in  San Clemente, California.  I’m glad they were able to make it t the right coast. This beer, if I can find it again, will make its way to the garage fridge without a doubt.  I really enjoyed it and recommend everyone pick up a 6er of this.



Other Beers and or Drinks and shit

Kara “jam session we always ski” came by the house and served up a different type of brew. IMG_3846 Guinness mixed with Angry Orchard’s crisp apple.  Surprisingly refreshing and good.  The mixture gave it this black and gold two-tone look.  This drink is known as the  Snake Bite or Black Velvet.  You can use champagne also.  Do what you want it doesn’t matter as long as your having a good time.  While drinking this concoction we played music trivia with Alexa, balloon bounce with my three year old, and talked a lot of shit.

Stop in at Lewinsky’s On Clinton the other day and a decent brews.  This bar / restaurant is an awesome place to sit, eat, and kick the shit.  We chatted it up with the bar tender while drinking Revelation’s Conan the Juice Man.  If you are ever n Delaware City I suggest stopping in a Lewinsky’s and having a good time.

Friday night I got pretty tipsy drinking the Featured brew Left Coast Una Mas, Dogfish Head  Black and Blue, and Ommegang’s Gnomegang Blonde Ale.  Yeah these caused me to time travel a bit.  We had some friends over so the drinks were flowing as fast as the good times.  I woke up on the couch the next morning  bit foggy from the night before.  It’s all good though I am pretty sure that I was a good boy and didn’t do anything to crazy.

St. Paddy’s Day we drank a ton of stuff.  We started the day off with Jameson and Ginger  and then followed that up with the best stop of the weekend which was Volunteer Brewing Company and I enjoyed their Philly Special.  I have mentioned these guys before and once again I was not disappointed.  They do a great job at bringing the community together.  Kevin and Dawn you guys rock.  Keep up the good work and I’ll keep up the drinking.

We finished the day off with having folks stop in for drinks and laughs.  Later in the evening my brother DP came by with the kids and we made shamrock shakes for the kids.  The big guy and myself spent the evening drinking Guinness, having car bombs, and eventually me time traveling.  From what I can remember I had a good time.

I will be looking for some new beers this week.  Any suggestions send them my way.