Relax It’s Sunday

What a great week.  I attempted or am still attempting to brew my first batch of IMG_3848.jpgbeer. The wife got the confirmation for her new job that she starts next week.  St. Paddy’s day was yesterday so you know I got hammered.  Oh and I got to see the Lombardi Trophy, and do some “Chalk Talk ” with Eagles new receivers Coach Gunter Brewer.  It was cool to see my pop get to see the trophy.  This week is going to be hard to top but I’ll give it shot.  Man is it a good time to be alive. 

I began my adventure in trying to make my own beer.  I followed the instructions to the T.  I quickly realized that holding temperature is an issue.  I hope I didn’t kill my yeast also.  I have it sitting in the basement and will find out in about a week and a half if I did it right or not.  Fingers crossed.

The wife goes back to work on Monday.  I couldn’t be more excited for her.  This has been a little bit of a transition and anyone who has looked for work recently knows how difficult it can be to find a new job.  Well her journey has officially ended and she couldn’t be happier.  Great Job lady.

Wednesday Night my old man and I went up to Lincoln Financial Field to see the Lombardi trophy and meet the new wide receivers coach Gunter Brewer.  Holy shit this guy was comical and informative.  He had that southern accent that seemingly only existed in Friday Night Lights.

It was a great sight to see my father not only get to experience seeing his birds win the big game but have him actually get a chance to see and get a pic with the Lombardi Trophy.  We also did a locker room tour and went on the field. It’s been a long time coming but we finally have a seat at the Championship Table.

St Paddy’s day.  Well since we partied the week prior, and trying to find a sitter on the day of St Paddy’s is nearly impossible we decided to hang with our kids.  We made shamrock shakes for the kids and adult drinks for us.  I went over to Volunteer to pick up some brew and finally check them out.  Awesome little place with a great atmosphere and good beers.   Here’s to all of your “CHEERS.”

Here are some of the Beers I had this week.  DOW (Drinks of the Week)