DOW (Drinks of the Week) Left Hand Brewing Co. Polestar Pilsner

Drunken Chant:

DRINKS OF THE WEEK,  DRINKS OF THE WEEK ,Drinka;l of the dweek Daba Daba Dopa Peak.

Sorry I started that chant while a bit hammered.  Now that we have sobered up a bit let’s get to the brews.  This week’s featured beer is Polestar Pilsner from Left Hand Brewing Company.  These guys have been around since 1993 from Colorado.  Head over to their site and read the history it’s pretty cool.

Facts about the Polestar:  IMG_3914.jpg

ABV: 5.5%

IBU:  33

Good: Yes

Can cause a good time: DAMN RIGHT

This was a decent brew wiht good color and good flavor.  It was fitting to have it after the recent snow storm that we had.  The flavors and design of the beer seemed to match the conditions outside.  33 IBU’s are about where I begin to top out on the bitterness side.  This brew went down well and it was nice to sit and have a couple.  I think that I will add this to the winter lineup for the garage fridge.  If I am ever in Colorado I will definitely have to stop by and check out the legend of the Left Hand.


Big Oyster Brewing: Noir et Bleu 9% ABV IMG_3931.JPG

This is a local beer once again using local ingredients to make something delicious.  This one is sweet side and packs a punch.  The blueberry is very noticeable but still comes off very good.  Going to be a Summer Beer.  I enjoyed this one as I actually wrote this post.  MMMMMM

Sam Adams Boston Lager

This is a classic brew.  I picked up a six-pack at the worst liquor store I have ever been in.  I am sure that they may be trafficking humans, or Malaysian midget’s.  I have my eye on you guys.

I picked up this simple brew because we went to a family get together.  We sat and drank and talked for hours.  It was a great night and was something that we haven’t done with this group of folks in years.

If you have any recommendations send them my way.  I will try damn near anything, it doesn’t have to be beer either.  We like Bourbons, mixed drinks, and all the sorts. I really love classic drinks like Sazeracs and Manhattans.

Never Drink Alone – It’s not as fun