Relax It’s Sunday

Wow what a whirlwind week this was.  Monday was a difficult day as we lost one of the pillars of my wife’s family, it of course snowed again despite all my efforts to get mother nature to chill out, and we drank a little bit of beer.  Here’s to another week down. Monday started off early, very early.  We got a call in the wee hours of the morning.  You try to dismiss it but you know in your mind a phone call at 330 in the morning isn’t a good one.  The second call shook my wife to the core.  He grandfather was passing away.  We were able to get to the hospital in time with the rest of the family to say our final goodbyes.  I have only been a member of this family for 15 years but I fell like a lifetime member.  They have special way of bringing you in.  This man was the foundation and strength that others wanted, that people sought to have, yet for a man who had a concrete exterior you also knew he was as delicate as a flower.  All you had to do was keep an eye on him at family functions.  As he sat quietly you would catch him rubbing those puffy bags under his eyes, and that’s when you knew he was shedding a tear.  I never actually saw a tear but I knew what it was.  Seeing a tear from this man was like catching a glimpse of a unicorn or big foot.

I always tell people to find the positive in anything negative.  In death we do that at levels that are truly amazing.  The stories we heard in just a short amount of time of the amazing life this man made you appreciate the time we had even more.  For me I will always remember Christmas Eve when he talked our ears off for about an hour or more.  I never heard him speak so much.  He talked about his child hood, growing up as a young man and beng a cop so many years ago.  I found that I was like a kid again with my own grandfather hearing his stories.  It allowed me to remember things that seemed lost in the fog of my own memories.  This family will never get past the lost, but we will all be stronger for the life he lived.

Well a week or two ago I gave mother nature hell for snowing.  Well she heard me and struck again.  She decided to give us another nor easter.  Really, more snow lady.  Ok I am sorry for the things I said.  Please just bring us spring already we are all tired and just want to move on from this.


Lover of Summer

Got down on some beer this week.  I got down on Left Hand’s Polestar PilsnerBig Oyster’s Noir et Bleu, and good ole Sam Adams.  Oh I also think that the beer I brewed is going to suck.  I am pretty sure that I killed the yeast.  We will see Monday night.  Pray for me.  I will be reaching out to some local friends that brew often to see what I can do better for next time.

Although this was a tough week it was still a good week.  I learned more about a man in one week then I had learned in 15 years.  It was great to sit and listen to the stories and memories everyone shared.  I thank everyone for just allowing me in the room to hear them.  You will be missed sir.

RIP CPT Firman Argoe 1933 – 2018.