Relax It’s Sunday

This week started off tough with the Funeral but is ending with Easter Sunday.  The family has been together almost all week.  We drank, we cried, we shared stories, and just enjoyed each others time.  It was really nice.  This week has been great even if it started off so tough.  

Monday was tough as we said our final goodbyes to Pop.  The family did an amazing job and paying honors to him was unbelievable.  Hats off also to the Delaware State Police Honor Guard.  These boys did an amazing job at honoring the former CPT.  Thanks again boys.

Friday night we hung out with the neighbors and had some drinks and homemade pizza.  My neighbor has an amazing amount of great beers and was friendly enough to share them with me.  Check out my Drinks of the Week for the brews he shared.

We came to the in-laws on Saturday night to have happy hour.  I am pretty sure it was more like happy few hours.  I turned it in around 10 pm while the wife stayed up to chat with her nanny until nearly 1 am.  These are the kind of nights you never forget.

Easter Sunday is basically second Halloween for kids, and Christmas.  I don’t understand why we dress up, get gifts, and eat a shit ton of candy, but I freakin like it.  No LOVE IT.  Anytime the family gets together is a good one.  I love cooking and was requested to smoke some brisket.  So early as shit this morning I got up and started cooking.  Nothing better than the smell of meat outside at 6 in the morning.  Later today we will have some good food, drinks, and good times.  I hope you all have a great Easter as well.