Stuff I Want

If any of these companies would like to send these items my way I would be more than happy to review them, I mean keep them for my own personal use.  Yeah sure I will put them on my site again, and review them on Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook.  No worries.

The TruckGMC AT 4  gmc-life-sierra1500-AT4-Reveal-1-19PGSR00248.jpgI got it I am going big early, but go big or go home right.  Listen my 2011 JK is getting some age to her, and it is time for something new.  So that’s why I am starting to look at trucks.  I mean come on look at it.  Nice right, although GMC you could throw in some black rims for me.  Thanks guys.

The POD Cast:  The Yeticaster

I have thought about starting a podcast to talk about the things I already write about.  Iknow not everyone is a reader and audio is what they are looking for.  So why not get this sexy monster to stream my amazing voice.  Listen guys just send this thing my way and I will talk about how amazing you are for at least 5-19 minutes.  I mean don’t be selfish here, the people want what they want.

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For my Office: Azio Retro Keyboard

I just love this thing.  I love the classic look.  This would be a great addition to the home office, or my regular office.


For the Shower – Beer Caddie for the Shower  (PURCHASED)

Yes I bought a shower caddie for my beer.  Why – Because America is great that,s why.


For my Bloody Mary’s – F@#$ing Meat Straws ( Benny’s Straws ) (PURCHASED)

Again because America is great.  This thing just proves that it is a great time to be alive.  IT’S A MEAT STRAW.  Things don’t get better then this.


For Cruising – Yo I have to have this.  This is Number 1 on the get me this list.  ( Phat Scooters.  Just imagine riding this thing down at the beach, or around town.  I will have this by the end of the summer.


New Headphones – Sudio Regent Headphones

Pumped about these.  I have a pair coming and can’t wait to give them a try.  Love listening to music while working, doing homework, or just reading a book.  These have a nice simple design and look great.