DOW (Drinks of the Week) Featured Beer: River Horse Roly Poly Czech- Style Pilsner

This weeks featured brew is River Horse Brewing Company’s Roly Poly.

Beer Facts: FA641D7D-A43C-473D-B8BD-D26B6E4C376E.jpg

ABV: 5.3%

IBU: 28

Style:  Czech-Style Pilsner

River Horse brewery is located in the wonderful state of New Jersey.  I hope you could hear the sarcasm in that first sentence. Go check their site out to see a little brew history on why they choose the Hippo, it’s pretty cool.  This place originally started in 95 and got a revamp in 07.  They make a wide variety of brews and this was the first for me to try.   I would say this was an average brew that didn’t blow me away.  Its one of those beers that I can just keep in the garage fridge.   It had good color and decent flavor. I have another brew from them that we will be trying in two weeks.  So look for that, it’s an Amber Ale.

Beer, Drinks, and Other Shit:

Tullemore Dew on the rocks.  Tully is one of my go to drinks.  I finished off Friday night with two of these.  I slept on the couch.

Summer Love from Victory. My buddy Jaime brought these over.  Victory makes awesome brews.  My favorite is Cage Radler which is an awesome brew for the summer.


Friday night we went to Kiku Steakhouse where I had some Sapporo and Namaste from Dog Fish.


Saturday Morning I had to start the day off with a Bloody Mary.  I like my bloody’s spicy so I use Zing Zang Bloody mix and Bay Vodka.  I also got to use my newly acquired meat straws.  Fuck Yeah.


The wife utilized my new shower beer holder for her Mimosa.  She beat me to it.


Friends Recommendations:

My buddy D was out in Texas this past week and sent me a recommendation on some Whiskey.  Balcone Texas Whisky


Jess went out west and had a few.  One of his stops was at Zion Brewery where he had Foray – a Kettle soured Pomegranate Ale.  He did mention that his favorite stop was at Moab Brewery.

Zion Brewery Located at Zion National Park

Keep the recommendations coming.  If you stop somewhere interesting fire it our way we’ll drop in the drinks of the week.