Relax it’s Sunday

Oh boy another great week in the books.  We ate, we drank, we hung out, and just had a good ass time.  We didn’t travel at all this week but we had some folks come over a couple of times.  All in all another great week down.

Monday started the week off right when the Nova WildCats won their second National Title in 3 years.  They did it by beating the hell our of Michigan.  Donte DiVincenzo lit it up against Michigan nearly out scoring them on his own.  This dude dropped 31 coming off the bench.  Continuing the championship fever in Philadelphia.

We will fast forward thru Tuesday – Thursday.  Those days are shit anyway.

Friday we decided to go to dinner at Kiku Steakhouse.  Of course I had Steak and Chicken.  SOOOOOOO GOOOOOOOOD.  I enjoyed a Sapporo Beer and Namaste Dogfish Head.  Great night.


The Sixers beat the  Cavs moving them into the # 3 seed.  We did a  Sixers Write Up at the start of the season that said they would win between 45-50 games this year.  Low and behold the Sixers have 49 wins.  Your Welcome.  Ben Simmons got his 12th Triple Double, and the Sixers won their 13th straight game.  It’s nice to be the hottest team in Basketball.

We had some friends down Friday night for happy hour.  The drinks  were flowing as fast as the stories.  It ended for me after I had my second Tully on the rocks.  That’s what had me sleeping on the couch, it was glorious.  Check out DOW from this week to see what else we had


Saturday started with Bloody’s and Mimosas.  The wife used my new shower beer holder to hold her mimosa while she got her shower.  Jerk beat me to it.  We had some family over that afternoon and watched the Flyers game.  They needed a big win against the Rangers to ensure they could lock up a playoff spot.  Well low and behold the kicked the shit of them.  The winning ways continue in Philadelphia.

Sorry ADD kicked in here’s something that doesn’t flow with the above story.

Book Recommendation:  Mission Command

This is a good read for my military folks.


Sunday is going to be filled with recovery, laundry, homework, and maybe a beer or two.  Volunteer Brewing is open today.  I may need to get a Crowler.

I look forward to another great week coming up.  Now go Relax.