DOW (Drinks of the Week) Featured Drink: Wild Ride Brewing’s Electric Fly

I can almost smell it, SUMMER!! Well at least better temperatures.  This week we are trying a second brew from Wild Ride Brewing Company from Redmond, Oregon.  A couple of weeks back we had their Nut Crusher Porter which was surprisingly good.  This week we try out their Electric Fly IPA (India Pale Ale).

The Facts:

Style:  IPA – IPA’s were originally brewed with a higher alcohol content and a higher hop content to ensure it would be drinkable when being shipped by sea.  See that a little history for ya.

ABV: 6.3%

IBU: 65

OG (Original Gravity): 15

To understand some of the Abbreviations for beers click the this Link: Brew Abbreviations

It may or may not have been mid week (HUMP DAY) (miercoles) thats Spanish for Wednesday.  You see when the temperature starts to heat up I love sitting outside an enjoying a beer and sometimes a decent stoagie.  I took advantage of the night, it wasn’t t-shirt ready but hoodie ready.  I sat out back and just took in the clear evening and sip on this fine brew.

Brews, Drinks, and Other Shit:

Earlier in the week I stopped by Crabby Dicks in Delaware City  The day was amazing and I enjoyed a Crab Shack Shandy.  Perfect Summer beer.


Saturday night I stopped into 1861 Restaurant  which is like walking into a speakeasy.  You go to the basement of this building and you find great food, music, and drinks.  I initially went there to see to see my boy Jesse play some jams.  You can click the link and see some of the gigs he and Laces Out will be playing this summer.


Of course you don’t go to a place that fills like a speakeasy and not have some brews.  Here is my list of elixirs that I enjoyed.

I started out with something familiar to get the night going.  Had me a Hoegaarden while I sat at the bar watching the sixers play.


Next up was a Snow Glare from Breckenridge Brewery  This wheat ale comes in with a nice 23 on the IBU and 6% ABV.  It wasn’t to bad.


Pacifico Lager :  This was my favorite beer of the night.  This was a delicious Mexican lager.  I could have had about a dozen of these.


Bells Oberon Wheat : Bell’s makes a handful of good beers this one is right up there with the rest of them.


Brooklyn Brewing’s Lager :  This was the last beer of the night.  There were to many flavor profiles in my mouth to make a sound decision on the one.  But Brooklyn has a good rep for making good beers.



Lost 40 Brewing Company My buddy Chris was out in Little Rock Arkansas and enjoyed a couple of places.

Flying Saucer : A wonderful joint that has a ton of beers tap and a fun environment.


Keep the recommendations coming and will keep the drinking.