DOW (Drinks of the Week) Featured: River Horse Special Ale

This week we hit the second River Horse Brewing beer with their American Amber Ale also known as Special Ale.  IMG_4075.jpg

The Facts:

ABV: 5.5%

IBU: 22

My unsophisticated take on it:  It’s an amber ale like many other amber ale’s.  Not bad, I don’t know if  it will ever stick out in my mind like some other beers.  I liked their Roly Poly a bit more.  The boys from Jersey do have some other styles I would like to give a shot before I dismiss them from entering my Garage Fridge again.  They have a pumpkin I’ll try this fall and a Summer Blonde that I will track down some time this summer.  Keep up the good work boys.

Other Beers, Drinks, and Shit:

I didn’t drink too much this week……. yeah I didn’t think you guys would believe that one.  Here are some of the other things I allowed to enter my body.

Sam Adams:  Yeah I thru down on a few of these while watching the Sixers take it to the Miami Heat.  My bro had a variety pack so I couldn’t resist.


Metro One by Blue Earl Brewing.  Delicious.  I had this while scarfing down some grub at Metro Pub and Grill.  This is my go to when I eat there.

Oh and some miller lites.  This is what fills my fridge so I don’t drink all the good stuff up.

Recommendations from friends.  

From the Lebanese Lion:  He was some where lost in the Astral Plane when he some how stumbled across 2013 Goose Island Bourbon Stout and 2011 Dogfish Head 120.  I believe he could see sounds after those.

Random Suggestion:  From the depths of the internet came Gun Hill Brewing Company out of NY.   I don’t know if I can find any of them locally but maybe they can send some my way.

If you guys have any suggestions please send them my way.  I will be in Connecticut in June so hook it up.


Ove the next few weeks we will be trying Straight to Ale Brewing Company out of Alabama and Mason Ale Works from California.


May 12th you can catch me at Midnight Oil Brewing.  I have hard some great things about this place so I can’t wait to get their and try some of their brews.