DOW (Drinks of the Week) Featured Brew this Week: Cigar City Brewing Companies Florida Cracker

Summer is almost here and so are those delicious summer styled brews.  Many of the beers are Belgian-Style White ales that have that touch of Orange in em.  Cigar City Brewing Company out of Florida gives us Florida Cracker.  

The Facts:IMG_4103.JPG

ABV: 5.5%

IBU’s: 18

Taste:  Coriander, Orange Peel, and I am pretty sure tears from a beer Angel.

This was a random pick up from my local liquor store to help me get the weekend started off right.  These guys make a variety of beers such as their Jai Alai wich is a pretty popular IPA.  They make an Imperial Stout that has some wild flavors mixed in like ancho chiles and vanilla bean.  I got to get my hands on that one.  CCB  thanks for making great beers and keeping the Tampa Brewing community alive.

Beer, Drinks, and other Shit:

Dudes I had far too much to drink in one night.  My liver and kidneys are not cool with the decisions I made.  It was probably the mixture of items.  So here are some of the bad decisions.

Neshaminy Creek Brewing Co.  J.A.W.N Juicy Ale.  I selected this just because of the name.

Evil Genius’s ” I Love Lamp” These guys know how to name a beer.  This was a Pineapple Hefe.  Damn good.

Stop into Stewarts Brewing Company and tried out their Whacky Wheat – GOOD and their Governor’s Golden Ale. Stewart’s is a Delaware Staple Good food and good brews.  The Stumblin Monk is Legendary.

I had a lot of Jack and Diets, Captn and Diets, oh and Volunteer Brewing’s Orange Blossom Honey Wheat.


It’s been a quiet week on the recommendation Front.  Send some stuff my way or send it to the His Vault Face Book Page.