Relax It’s Sunday

It’s like 3 O’Clock in the afternoon and I am just getting to this.  I wish I could feel my face.  So as it goes, I drank a bit last night.  Wait before you start to judge me I did attend a Fancy Ball.  That’s right I am a bit sophisticated.  We got to see some awesome friends, the governor, and had us a great time.  We left after the social and dinner so we could bar hop a bit.  For all those parents out their having a night with no kids is F@#$ing amazing.  Sorry I love my kids but damn they are needy little humans.  Here is a look back at another great week.

So I am getting excited that on May 12th I get to watch my buddy Frankie Paul fight his first pro fight.  He is 45 years old.  Yes he is a little late to the game but that’s okay.  I don’t won’t ole boy to get hurt but it will be fun watching him get beat up a bit.  He continues to add to the fictional character that he has become.  Maybe we will start creating the tales of TAL.  TAL is another name that he goes by.  Before the fight we are going to hit up Midnight Oil Brewing Company for some drinks and grubb.  This way we can provide some great heckling during the pre-fight.  The fight will be at the Hockessin PAL Center if you’re in the area stop in get your tickets at the door, it’s going to be fun.

I continue to work towards my Masters Degree.  There are some days that I can’t understand why I continue to educate.  Then I heard a great line about being prepared for the opportunity that you want rather than not being prepared when the opportunity arrives.  So I continue to work on things to either get a really good opportunity or just to become the most interesting man ever.  I guess we will have to wait and see.

Friday night I had about 5 beers and fell asleep on the couch.  So there’s that.

Saturday we got all dressed up and attended a Fancy ball.  Great drinks, good times, and got to hang with some awesome people.  After the ball we stopped at the neighbor’s house for a couple of drinks, hit up Sully’s Irish Pub, and then over to pub at the clubhouse.  The funniest thing is that a young patron at Sully’s declared to the wife that she wished she was her mom.  I will not let this go away.  HAHAHAHAHAAHA.  In the end I fell asleep on the couch again.  I hate when that happens.  Tonight I sleep in my bed.

The coolest thing this week was when I found out that a girl I went to middle school with, yeah ike a hundred years ago, has a younger brother who is making some sick music.  Devon Gilfillian makes some awesome jams.  I am not just saying that because I knew his sister once, I am saying it because it’s my kinda music.  He sang the National Anthem at the NFL Draft this past week that’s how we found out about him.  Think along the lines of Gary Clark Jr.

Well that’s my week in a nut shell.  If you have any food, beer, cocktail, vacation  recommendations send them my way.  I am not really turning much down these days.  Trying to say yes to almost everything.  Enjoy the rest of the day.