Beer Festivals – Beer Under the Big Top

I will be away for business during this one but Beer Under the Big Top looks like a blast.  This event is taking place 2 June 2018, with VIP starting at 12:30 and regulars common folk at 1:30.  Who cares which ticket you get they have over a 150 Beers being served and a ton of other things going on.  I am actually pissed that I can’t attend this one.  DAMN WORK!!!!  I need to hit the lottery and just be able to travel the world like I won’t to.  I am sulking right now, deep breath in, stare at the ceiling, eyes back to the screen, sip of my coffee, ok I am back now.  

I think the bottom line here is that I want you all to go, drink, have a good time, and then rub it in a bit.  I would love to hear how the event was.  Plus they will have food trucks and who the F$#% doesn’t love food trucks.  Well either way I will be in Connecticut sampling some of their fine brews.

Check out Philly Beer Events on Face Book to see more of the shit I’ll be missing.  Sorry I am allergic to missing a good time and it causes sudden outbursts MOTHER FUCKER!!! or I have tourettes.

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