DOW ( Drinks of the Week) Featured Brew: Mason Ale Works – Willy Time

Mason Ale Works is a brewery out of San Marcos, California founded in 2015.  The logo looks like Thors hammer and makes me feel like a Norse God when I am drinking this delicious brew.  This week we are trying their “Willy Time’ white ale.

THE FACTS:IMG_4138.jpg

ABV: 5.0%

IBU’s: 21

Style:  Belgian White Ale


I love that we are coming into the summer season of brews.  This brew didn’t disappoint one bit.  I sat outside Saturday morning thinking about the entire universe while letting this one run down my throat.   In reality I just laughed at a couple of golfers while I thought of the bad decisions I was going to make.  Look if you’re looking for a great brew this summer to add to the ole Garage Fridge find this one.  I am drinking one as I write this story.  The only problem was that I only have three of these delicious little fuckers.



Midnight Oil Brewing Company: Finally was able to get over to this newer brew haven.  I was not disappointed either.  Great atmosphere, great people, great food truck.

What I drank there:  I assume this is a test of my memory so I will have to look back at photos and UNTAPPED logins to see what I did to myself.  Here is a list of brews that I had and like two pics also.


I finished the night off with these two crazy little turtles. Terrapin Beer


UFO – Pink Lemonade Shandy: Slightly frightened by this one but we may give it a try.  This one came from a black dude that loves NASCAR.  It just keeps getting weirder.

Rockford Tavern – This is an establishment recommendation.  Click the link to check out there face book page.  It comes highly recommended, can’t wait to go.