The Freak Fights – A Night of Live Local Boxing

Well Saturday night was the night that i watched a 45 year man make his pro debut in a boxing match.  You may have read a tale or two of the Freak when I was tracking his eating adventure in the Wing Bowl this past Feb.  CLICK HERE TO SEE THAT TALE.  Frankie feels like a local celeb and if you heard the two hundred people at the event on Saturday you would have trouble not believing that.  FREAK FREAK FREAK the crowd chanted as he made his way to the ring.  You could tell he was a bit nervous going into the fight but he managed to get through that.  The Freak stood in his corner swaying with that anxious movement that looks like you’re trying hula hoop.  DING DING the bell rang and these two men ran into each other like two rams going at it on a mountain side.  Holy Christ!!!!!

Listen, we knew going into this event that it was not going to be a coordinated display of the sweet science.  We figured that was going to look like two gorillas fighting.  This night of combat was also described to me as two bowls of ice cream smashing into each other.  Take which ever description you like it was entertaining and the people came out.  There was about 100 people alone just to see The Freak fight.  We were all there for different reasons, some to see him win, some to see him lose, and some just to watch the insanity.  I can tell you know one left disappointed.  It was a mess, it ended oddly, but our boy didn’t get hurt and he one his first pro match at the ripe old age of OLD.  Good job bro I can’t imagine what the hell you will try next.  Maybe you can combine your two occupations and have a pro fight at a buffet.  Loser pays the tab.


SOME IMAGES FROM THE FIGHT.  ( This was not Rocky vs. Apollo )