DOW (Drinks of the Week) Featured Brew: Straight to Ale – Stop Work 689

This is my 2nd brew from Straight to Ale Brewing Company.  This week we try their “Stop Work 689.”  I hope it is as good as the Hefe I had a couple of weeks ago.  The logo on the can appears to be a Foreman for the Devil.  No grievances here boss you keep making dem good brews.

THE FACTS:IMG_4174.jpg

ABV: 5.0%

IBU’s: 25

Style:  German Kolsch – For a better description of what a Kolsch is check out this link from Beer Advocate.

So work never stopped while I was downing these guys.  I fixed up my jeep in the rain and sun.  It was nice to take a break in between jobs and down one of these delish brews.  It was muggy hot today and the only thing that could cool me down was this wonderful brew.   It almost took my breath away as it hit my chest. If you are ever in Alabama I suggest going and seeing these guys.


So one night I decided to drink a couple of glasses, okay maybe more, of Bulleit Bourbon.  Yeah I slept on the floor again.  I looked like a fat homeless guy who was searching for something under the couch, nope just Dad sleeping on the floor. DAMNIT my body hurts from that.

I did not partake in any other brews this week.  I think it was because it rained all damn week.


So I may have gotten more this week but I don’t remember.  So the one I did get was to try out Yellow Hammer Brewery.  These guys are located in Huntsville, Alabama.  I would like to get my hands on their Belgian White.

My recommendation to you all for some more beer ideas from Delaware is to follow DE Brew Trail on Facebook.  They are everywhere.  Good info on local brews also.

Keep the recommendations coming.