DOW (Drinks of the Week) Featured Brew: Alamo Beer’s Amber Lager

We had a little bit of a delay with this weeks DOW that we will have to blame on technical difficulties.  Yeah we will go with that, tech issues.  This weeks featured brew comes from the great state of Texas.  Alamo Beer Company is located in San Antonio Texas only  about a half mile from, well you guessed it the Alamo.  The history of this company goes back a bit, but it’s rebirth and the brew we know now started back up in 1997.  Eugene Simor is the founder of the revived Alamo and has been making some awesome brews for some time.  This week we drink the Amber Lager, a Vienna Style Lager.  Cheers Boys!!!!

THE FACTS: 54958683918__84A94C18-0969-452B-A22D-CD21CBB21064

ABV: 5.5%

IBU’s: 24

Style:  Vienna Style Lager


After a long week I got to sit on my back porch and enjoy the shit our of this Lager.  It was about 730 the sun was setting and the temperature was just right for my hoodie.  It was one of those beer drinking moments that you look up into the sky and say to yourself “Fuck it’s awesome to be alive.”  This Vienna is comparable to Devils Backbone Vienna which is also very good.  Great beer, great flavor.  Good Vienna Lager’s are beers that you can stack the garage fridge with.  I hope to make a trip to San Antonio soon to see a good friend, #2, and drink some good beer.  Keep up the good work boys.


I screwed up this week and played adult to damn much.  I literally didn’t have any other beer.  I know I know, GAYYYYYYYYY!!! Sorry it wasn’t intentional I blinked and the week was over.  It’s cool though my liver sent me a thank you note.  He’s cute when he is sober.  Maybe next week we will have some others to write about. In the mean time here is a photo of the His Vault Stickers.



People I am beginning to think no one likes me.  My feelings are hurt.  This is like two weeks in a row that I have only gotten one recommendation.  This week we got Goose Island’s Summer Hours. IMG_1696.jpeg

Check back next week for some more delicious brews.  Still looking for those Connecticut Beers or drink specials.


And seriously I need recommendations, other wise I am going to start adding weird photos, and nobody wants that.