DOW (Drinks of the Week) Featured Beer – Half Full Brewery’s: Bright Hybrid Ale

This week we bring you Half Full Brewery from Stamford, CT.  I stumbled upon this brew in a potential blackout, if it wasn’t a blackout then it just magically appeared in my hotel brew fridge.  Either way, I thank the beer gods for sending this one my way.  The current temperatures in Connecticut are amazing and this Blonde / Pale Ale complements those temps perfectly.  I would love to go on and on about who these guys are but you should really just go to this link, Our Story, and read it from them.  It’s one of those chase your dream feel-good stories.  Now onto the brew.




Style: Blonde Pale Ale Hybrid

DID I LIKE IT:  Dude the only time I put it down was to pick up another one!!!

Sitting outside and looking out over the water I wonder if I could make my dreams come true much like the Half Full story.  Craft beer makers have been living their dreams of just being around great people and making great beers.  It is no different with these guys.   You have to be a special person to get into that world but time and time again you see that those who are making it are the ones who love it.  Cheers boys, and don’t stop making awesome brews.  Thanks for sharing


So I may or may not have had a few brews this week.  Look I am out-of-town and had to try some brews from the area.  Below are some photos of some of the brews I got to enjoy in the fine state of Connecticut.

Looking Back at these brews if I had to rank them it would be as follows:

Kentucky Bourbon Barrel

Stony Creek Sun Juice

Stony Creek Dock Time

Thimble Island

Don’t forget to send recommendations my way.