DOW (Drinks of the Week) Featured Brew: Beer’d Brewing Company’s “Whisker’d Wit”

What a great week I had gallivanting around Connecticut.  I drank a bunch of different beers and met some cool people along the way.  I tried to go to a couple of brewers yet found that either they weren’t open or may not even exist yet.  It’s good though because I landed my hoppy self at Beer’d Brewing Company and enjoyed some of their fine products.  The best that night was the Whisker’d Wit which I enjoyed while talking shop with BG and DP.  


ABV: 5.2%

IBU:  Parts Unkown – Didn’t feel High

Style:  Witbier

Was it Good:  Yes, Yes it was.  Not like two lipstick lesbians kissing good, but damn delicious.

Beer’d Brewing makes is laid out in this old ass mill with various shops inside of it.  The building was awesome.  The way small businesses are repurposing old buildings is really fun to see.  The atmosphere was really nice and inviting.  It appeared that a 5K had just ended,  which seems to be the craft brew modus operandi these days, and there was a couple of pups there also.  Like I said before it was a good place to drink brews and talk shop.  I would defiantly go back again giving the chance.  Plus I didn’t get to try Wood Fellas Pizza which smelled phenomenal.  If your ever in Stonington, CT or Mystic you need to head over to Beer’d and grab a pint or 4.


Tried some crazy ones, some good ones, and some that gave me bitter beer face.  Here are some of the other drinks I tried.

So I would so my least favorite of this grouping was the Omission Gluten free lager.  It just lacked that classic lager taste.  But if you have to be gluten-free then give this thing a shot, it wasn’t all that bad.


We have coming up next week the Rusty Rail and there Fools Gold Peanut Butter Hefe.  I only hope this stuff doesn’t turn me into a train riding hobo.  Till next week – PROST!!!!!!!!