DOW (Drinks of the Week) Featured Brew: Rusty Rail “Fools Gold”

Wow, did we really kicked off summer the right way.  I ate a ton of good food and had some good brews.  The featured brew this week is “Fools Gold” from The Rusty Rail Brewing Company  These guys are located in Mifflinburg, Pennsylvania and have become a great destination in central PA.  Rusty Rail is a tribute to the old railway that once ran through the town.  They haven’t been around long but are already making their mark in the brew industry.  PROST!!!!

THE FACTS: IMG_4409.jpg

ABV:  8%

IBU’s: 18

Style:  A Peanut Butter Hefeweizen

Was it good:  I can’t lie, I did not enjoy this one.  It was just over the top sweet.  If this was a dessert item it would be excellent for that.  The color was great, very aromatic, but just to damn sweet.  Not long ago we had Wild Ride Brewing Companies Nut Crusher Peanut Butter Porter, a much better peanut butter brew.

I think that if I had some cake after dinner or ice cream I could most definitely get down with this one.  The issue was that the setting wasn’t right, drinking this thing on a summer afternoon, no sir.  I had multiple people try it and we all came to the same conclusion.  Now in a couple of weeks, I will be trying their “Blue Collar Blonde Ale,” a 2017 award winner.  I am pretty stoked for that one.



So like I said earlier I started off summer by diving right in.  So here are some tasty beverages that I sampled, 1 -4, 1 being the best.

1.   Innis and Gunn “Limited Edition Oak Aged Beer”

2.  Dog Fish Head “World Wide Stout” and “Old School”

3. New Belgium “Kriek”

4. Avery Brewing Company “Liliko’i Kepolo”


So my brother from another mother has been hopscotching around Europe and basically drinking, eating, and fishing his way through the place.  302outdoors has been making me jealous for a week now with all the brews, sites, and every other damn thing he is getting into.  Good work bro, CHEERS!!!!  Below is just some of the brews he has tried.


Later this week we will be trying our second brew from Alamo Brewing Company “India Pale Ale”