DOW (Drinks of the Week) Featured Brew: Alamo Brewing Companies “IPA”

This is the second installment of Alamo Brewing Company and this week we try their IPA.

THE FACTS: IMG_4497.jpg

ABV: 5.5%

IBU’s: 60

Style: American Style India Pale Ale

Was it Good:  After the first one it got better.  60 IBU’s is high for me so it takes a couple for me then it starts to settle in.

This week has been hot as shit and only getting hotter.  I had a ton to drink and tried several different brews.  All I was trying to do was beat the heat.  I did enjoy one of ALAMO’s IPA’s at a Chris Stapleton Concert on Friday.  Now I am not a country fan by any stretch of the means but this dude rocks out.  Plus beer makes it that much better.  The best part of going to a concert is that we had to go to the BB& T Pavillion in dirty Jersey.  You see to get there you have to go through the hood which is like driving through a third world country.  The best is watching the wife play “Look at that Junkie,” and “Are they selling drugs over there.”  The other benefit is all the smoking hot women and watching people get hammered drunk.


Yeah I woke up face down the wrong way on my recliner.  So Saturday night I decided it was a great idea, based off of my wife’s recommendation, that drinking Vodka with Propel was a good idea.  The spaceship showed up around 830 and I proceeded to time travel.  Fast forward to 5 am and I found myself on the recliner.  Not cool.  Here are some brews from this week.

Tuckahoe Brewing Company


Natty Bo Crab Shack Shandy



302 Outdoors


BIG JOEY M – Bourbon Barrel-Aged  Palo Santo Marron Dogfish Head


Whatever this guy had:  HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAH My Man!!!!!!!


Next Week we try Rusty Rail Brewing Company “Blue Collar”

Never drink alone, that shit is boring, unless you suck then drink alone.