DOW (Drinks of the Week) R.S Taylor and Sons, “Golden Ale”

The week a buddy came through big time bringing me 4 unique brews from the Saratoga area.  With a high recommendation from Chris, I tried R.S Taylor and Sons Golden Ale.  Great call, Great Beer, Cheers!!!!!


ABV:  4.5%

IBU: N/A ( My guess would be that it would be the low 20’s)

STYLE: It’s in the Name (Golden Ale)

Was it Good:  Absolutely it was.  If I ever have the chance to visit Saratoga I am without a doubt going to go see these guys.

I took advantage of the night by pouring a beautiful pint glass and just sat back on my deck and enjoyed the night.   Maybe it was the classic can or the great photo Chris sent me that it only seemed appropriate to relax while drinking this one.  These guys have three generations living on the Misty Bleu Farm, and could only imagine that at the end of a hard day they sit on the porch and enjoy this wonderful brew.  It has the refreshing quality to it.  R.S Taylor and Sons thanks for sharing, when I get up there I expect to have a picnic on the old oak tree. Cheers!!!!!

CHIRS’s PHOTO that I wrote about earlier.  NO, really I said it and I quote.  I just did the hand gesture for quotes.

maybe it was the classic can or the great photo Chris sent me


GARAGE FRIDGE ADDITION: YUP, but I can’t get it locally.


Went to the beach this past weekend and had a few fruit Juices (Miller Lites) but did manage to start the day off with a recommendation from Tricky Nicky:

Troegs Mad ELF


Tried one from my boy Jaime:

Chill from Balashi Aruba


Found a photo of this guy, might be worth a try if I can find it.

Courtesy of Knights of the Brew Table


Ass Down is how I normally sleep, I don’t need someone sneaking up when I’m blacked out trying to conduct some GODDAMN funny business.


Lawsons Finest Liquids  from Warren, Vermont


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  1. We are glad you enjoyed our Golden Ale. Whenever a fellow professional brewer or home brewer comes in to our place, its the one beer that they always gravitate to. We hope you’ll come and visit us in Saratoga Springs or at the home farm brewery in Salem NY when you get up this way.

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