Delicious Cravings Food Truck

Delicious Cravings Food Truck is awesome.  Last week this culinary Jesus shined his food light on me and I may be madly in love.  I have thought about his Doner Kebab for over a week now.  It has been more than ten years since I had a Doner that good, and that was when I was in Italy.  This dude captured that middle-eastern flavor like no other.  Which is even wilder because I am pretty sure homeboy was Jamaican cutting up meat with a Chinese Cleaver.  This cat is obviously not from this world.  He is like the Thanos of chef’s just shredding through the galaxy slaying everyone in his path.  I had to go up and thank him and to my surprise, he brought us behind his food truck to try some of his brisket that had been cooking for nearly 24 hours.  Again amazing, and the sauce he prepared, I could have punched a baby for it.  It was some type of mouth elixir cultivated inside a bourbon barrel with a dash holy shit!!!

Some of you are currently asking what the hell is a doner.  This is single handly the greatest drunk food that I have ever had.  This is fitting because I had this at the Blue Earl Brewings food truck challenge.  The beer that day you ask, sure it was Clock Work Orange.

Photo Of  the man behind the Meat:


That’s Big Willy, I don’t know that man’s story, but I know I could sit and cook with this dude all day.  The flavor profile he displays is wonderful.  Plus I was told this dude makes a killer Gator.  Are you serious?  Keep killing it big Willy.