Delaware Taco Fest

Saturday we got down at the Delaware Taco Festival and had a blast.  The rain never came when we were there and we ran into some old friends everytime we turned around.   I had about 4 tacos and drank a bunch of beer from Sol.   The atmosphere was great and the food and brews even better.   Great time. 

We were the second people in line and were waiting like five-year-old girls waiting to meet their favorite princess at Disney World.  I may have screamed ever so slightly once we got inside due to the almost orgasmic scent of tacos and good times.  The first Taco that I got was from Pancho’s Cafe out of Philly.  This just so happened to be the best guess of the day because this was a great Taco to start with. I went with a Pork Taco and the wifey had a Chorizo slash chicken Taco.  They actually didn’t have much Chorizo.  Both were damn good though.   There is nothing like a taco that has fresh veggies and a great blend of spice to go with it.  NOM NOM NOM NOM


The next memorable Taco that I enjoyed was from Los Gallos.  There Pastore Taco was amazing.  I literally licked the bowl clean.  IMG_4781.jpg

If you ever get a chance to make it to the Taco Fest I highly recommend it.  Spend the extra cash for VIP because you’re going to spend the money anyway.  This year you got 5 drink vouchers and 5 taco vouchers.  Great deal.  I left happy and damn full.

The next adventure is going to be the Odessa Brew Fest.  Hope to catch some of you there.  I’ll try to be less drunk than last year. BULLSHIT I SAY, BULLSHIT!!!!!

Below are some photos from TACO FEST!!!!!!!!!