DOW (Drinks of the Week) Arcadia Ales

This week I present to you one of Michigans Finest Brewers Arcadia Ales.  The two brews we have this week are “Sky High Rye,” and “Loch Down.”  Arcadia was established in 1996 and would later make its home on the Kalamazoo River where you can enjoy great beers and great views.

The FACTS: Sky High Rye IMG_4777

ABV:  6.0%

IBU’s:  60

STYLE:  West Coast Rye Pale Ale

WAS IT GOOD: If you have read any of the other drinks of the week then you know I don’t like my brews to high on the bitterness scale.  This particular beer, although raking in at 60 IBU’s was actually pretty good. Once I got past that first bite it was great to just sit, drink, and enjoy.  Not all beer needs to be slammed like your 18 freshmen in college.  Sometimes you will have to take a few minutes to drink it to truly appreciate it.  This is one of those brews.  I like to think of these types as conversation beers.  You know you and your boys are going to getting to talking and just need a beer that will last as long as the good time.

GARAGE FRIDGE ADDITION:  Not an everyday brew but yeah with right company I would put this in the fridge.

The FACTS: Loch Down IMG_4778

ABV:  8.5%

IBU’s:  16

STYLE:  Scotch Ale

WAS IT GOOD: Damn right, and I will be drinking this one again tonight as I enjoy my lazy Sunday.  Scotch Ales are not for everyone but for the select few this is a good brew.  My body Sean (302 Outdoors) suggested I also try McEwans Scotch Ale and I can tell you that if it tastes anything like Loch Down then I will gladly give it a run.  Smooth, Smooth, Smooth, and good on the eyes.   As I grow older the more I enjoy stouts, porters, scotch ales, and a variety of brews that I dismissed in the past.  The dark color and rich flavor of the Loch Down was great to enjoy on cool Summer night.

GARAGE FRIDGE ADDITION: No.  Not because it was bad but because I am afraid they wont get the attention that is needed.  Like I said earlier not everyone enjoys these.  I have about 3 or 4 guys that will get down on these.  So it will show up when they are showing up.


Tim Suprise your brews were excellent.  If I ever get to Kalamazoo I will be sure to stop in and try some more and what appears to be an excellent menu of food as well.  CHEERS!!!!!!


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