Believe in Coach Doug Pederson

The Eagles and Coach Pederson are playing coy right now with who will be starting at QB.  It is funny how short our memories are especially when it comes to Nick Foles.  The world was coming down around us when he had a terrible game against the Raiders and the Cowboys, yet he still went on to win the Super Bowl.  Now here we are again in an all-out panic that Foles is trash because he looked bad in meaningless games.  Now we want to rush Carson Wentz back because we have no confidence in the coach or the backup QB.  Take a deep breath people it’s going to be okay.

Look I want Carson to play as badly as the next guy.  I mean hell if he didn’t get hurt he would have been the league MVP.  Carson will play at some point this season there is no doubt about it, but it may or may not by week one.

Coach Pederson sure as hell isn’t going to tell anyone what the plan is either, no matter how many times we ask.

As a fan, I also understand that the only thing he owes us is a good product on the field and they have surely done that.
It appears that Carson is ahead of schedule and looks like he may start week one.  If he finishes the game upright then we can collectively let out a sigh of relief and enjoy the rest of the season.  If he doesn’t just know that we have a more than capable QB in Foles to help lead the way back to the Playoffs.

In the end, I am confident that the Eagles are going to make the best choice to ensure that Carson has a long and amazing career in Philadelphia.  Many of us are still enjoying the Super Bowl win and looking forward to a great season.  The birds have a tough schedule ahead and this season will have its ups and downs but the goal is still the same for them, repeat as SUPER BOWL CHAMPS!!!!

GO BIRDS!!!!!!!!!!