DOW (Drinks of the Week): Black Hog Brewing Company

Back in June, I was away for work in the beautiful state of Connecticut.  I found a brewer that I wanted to go to but due to distance and time, I could never make it over there.  Yeah, your right if I really wanted it I would have found a way.  Well, I didn’t so F off.  But I am happy to present to you two brews from Black Hog Brewing, their “Hog Lager,” and “Granola Brown Ale.”  These guys may have only been open since 2014 but they are making their dent in the competitive Connecticut Brewing Market.  On to the FACTS!!!!!



ABV:  5.5%

IBU’s:  9

STYLE:  Pilsner

WAS IT GOOD: Without a doubt.  I just got done cutting the grass, which by the way is dumb, fuck grass.  I stood in my garage contemplating how I got to this grass cutting point in my life and the only conclusion I could come up with was, who cares I need a beer because it’s a million goddam degrees outside.  To cool off I grabbed this delicious brew and down the hatch it went.  Thank you Black Hog for making such a delicious brew.

GARAGE FRIDGE ADDITION: Yes.  Especially with fall coming.  This would be a great addition.  I really enjoyed the flavors and could have had about ten of these dudes.



ABV:  5.7%

IBU’s:  18

STYLE:  Brown Ale brewed with Granola – I guess you got that with the name of the Brew.

WAS IT GOOD:  Yes but like most Brown Ales I have to take my time with them.  This is a fire pit brew.  You and your friends are sitting around talking about all kinds of shit, like that time DP shit himself and then everyone starts to chime in with their shit stories.  Then you find out that one of your buddies has a shit go bag just in case which everyone is like “WTF you have a shit go bag, how many times have you shit yourself.”  You know one of those kinds of beers.

GARAGE FRIDGE ADDITION: Only in the fall. 


Two Flights (8 Brews) and a Growler from Blue Earl Brewing Company  Listed Below are the brews I tried. IMG_4846

#1 – #2 – #3 (Also got this in a Growler – #4 -#7 – #8 – #11 -#6

All Good Beers.  #3 was my favorite that day.  All time from these guys may have been their Clockwork Orange.  That thing was awesome.


Had some great recommendations this week that I need to try.

From Mc_Dadbod out of North Carolina at Deep River Brewing Company

Double D’s Watermelon Lager


This Brew as described by Mc Dadbod was a Crisp Lager with a hint of fresh Watermelon made with local ingredients.

From 302 Out Doors and his recent trip to Niagra falls


Made by Woodcock Brothers Brewing


Twin Lakes Brewing & Lagunitas also from 302 Out Doors

What some of the Followers are drinking


Freedoms Edge Brewing Company Cheyenne, Wyoming



Brick Works  – Smryna, Delaware

Brew – Citrus Mistress