Kaepernick the new face of Nike: Who Cares

It’s funny on how we are responding to the Kaepernick Nike ad.  I’ll kick this off by saying I don’t like Kaepernick as a football player, and I don’t agree with his approach.  I get the message and their are many other individuals handling it a whole lot better then him.  With that said I am confused at why your so made.  Who cares.

This is Nike, they are going to do things that are against the grain sometimes in order to generate conversation, and more importantly business.  The thing I am not happy with is that they know this will create division amongst people and not bring anyone together.  I also find it funny that your upset over that ad and not the fact that their shoes are made by damn near slave laborers. But I guess that is old news.

I believe that Kaepernick isn’t on a current roster for two reasons

1:  He wasn’t that good.  He had an okay run for a couple of seasons but then for what ever reason it started to go downhill.  Look at the stats from other guys in that draft class.  Other guys in that class were Cam Newton, Andy Dalton, and Tyrod Taylor.

2:  Yes, he is being blackballed.  He can’t force himself onto a roster when he hasn’t been that good and comes with some issues.  He also hasn’t shown that his heart is in the game anymore either.

That’s okay though, he has chosen to follow a different path with more meaning.

The NFL is completely hypocritical and if Kap could still sling the rock he would be on a Roster.  The Patriots signed Donte Stallworth twice after he killed a guy, and had Aaron Hernandez was on the team.  Josh Gordon continues to get chances because the team thinks he can still play.  If team thought that he could play they would sign him.

The Message of “Sacrificing Everything,” is a stupid one because he only gave his NFL career up not Everything.  This ad I am sure will come with a nice pay check, plus he can live his life as a Social Justice front man.  So he is getting a lot not losing a lot.

I wish more would follow the lead of guys like Malcolm Jenkins and others who are attacking the issues in a much more positive and effective manner.  Kap may have jump started the conversation but their are better  ambassadors then him to carry it on.