Eagles vs. Falcons – Return of the Champs

OMG football is f$%#ing back!!!!!!!!!!!!! I thought this day would never get here.  The Eagles get to start the season out playing the team they knocked out in the playoffs last year, the Atlanta Falcons.  The expectations are high for the Birds and today is the beginning of what should be another great season. 

The first game of the year is so difficult to break down and this year is even worse.  The Eagles managed to show absolutely nothing in the preseason.  When I say nothing I mean, not a damn thing.  I don’t think they ran a single RPO (Run Pass Option) during the preseason.  Foles looked terrible, the receiving corp pedestrian, and the only hope was that the defense looks promising once again.  They clearly didn’t want to show anything in the preseason, but at what cost.  Those reps against live teams are important to build a good flow and rhythm.  The Eagles also proved last season when Foles came in that they could turn it on when they needed to, but can they do it again.  Imagine if Keanu Neal picks off the Foles pass instead of deflecting it to Torrey Smith.  The playoffs more than likely would have been very different.  But we can’t change the past and we are the Champs, so onto the breakdown and prediction.



The Eagles may struggle a bit in this area because of the lack of production in the preseason and that the receiving corp doesn’t look that strong.  Questions still loom about Peters, Wallace, and is Sproles back to being Sproles.


The Falcons are set to go once again on offense.  Not to many holes to speak of.  Devonta Freeman and Tevin Coleman take on the lion share of the carries.  Then there is Matty Ice and oh yeah that dude Julio Jones.




The Eagles had one of the Top defenses all of last season.  I expect them to be even better this year.  The loss of Jernigan early on is troublesome but if the Eagles have shown anything is that they can adapt to injuries.  Hicks is back, the D-line is secure, the Secondary is even better.  This D will carry the offense over the next few weeks until they get their groove back.


The Falcons have a nice Defense but will need to be better on third and fourth down this season.  The Eagles made a living out of exposing fourth downs on teams and the Falcons ranked 29th in the league last year.  Yes, that stat can be a little misleading because not many teams go for it on fourth, but then again the Eagles aren’t many teams.  The Falcons D will keep the Falcons in it if Foles struggles early.



The Eagles are playing at home with the Super Bowl Banner Release.  They are 15-3 at home since 2016 and have won their last 3 home openers.  The Stadium is going to be rocking for all 4 quarters.  I think it stays close for until midway through the 2nd quarter.  That’s about the time the Eagles offense begins to get into a flow and they begin moving the ball on long strenuous drives.  The 4th quarter will be interesting because the Falcons will change strategy and really try to attack the Eagles through the air.  The game will end on a late interception and the Eagles will run out the clock.  (If this comes true I am the F#$%ing man)