Frankie Paul Takes on Mushrooms

The adventures of Frankie Paul continue this month with him taking on the Kennett Square Mushroom Festival and the Fried Mushroom Eating contest.  The field is strong with the likes of Dan “Killer ” KennedyPittsburgh Paulie, and many other great competitors.  At 3 o’clock on September 8th, Frankie Paul will attempt to eat as many fried mushrooms 38472424_10213129781622680_4365156093932863488_nas he can.  This ain’t like eating chicken wings, the texture alone can be difficult on the eater.  Last years champ, Dave Brunelli, ate 6.8lbs of the infamous fried fungi.

Frankie Paul is trying to make a name for himself in the food competition arena and this may be more up his alley than the wing bowl.  Taking on wing bowl as your first competition is like drinking a 5th of Jack at age 16 instead of starting with a sixer of PBR.  But Frankie Paul has always been about “Go Big or Go Home.”

If you’re looking to enjoy what looks like a cool Saturday head on up to Kennet Square and watch these men and women take on pound after pound of fried mushrooms.  He will be taking on local legends and YouTube Giants giants in this one.  Good luck to all the eaters and anyone heading up to the event.

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