DOW (Drinks of the Week) 5th Annual Odessa Brewfest

Odessa Brewfest is an amazing drinking experience that I love to go to each year.  The people are great, the vendor’s rock and the brewers get to show off their amazing drinks.  This year the weatherman screwed up because it was rainy and overcast all day but the good times shined through.  

For an event like this one, you need to UBER.  If last year was any indication of my intentions then well I may Time Travel again.  The VIP tickets get you in 2 hours before everyone else.  Yeah, that’s a two-hour head start, it like letting me start 10 feet from the finish line in a race against Usain Bolt, I am still going to lose but it’s going to be exciting.  I felt like a kid getting into a theme park, I just wanted to run to each tent and try some brews.

Once again there were more beers then I could handle. IMG_4897 That didn’t stop me though as I went right to work with Rar Brewing.  I’ll start with my favorite beer of the day which was from Elysian Brewing with their Night Owl Pumpkin Ale.  So good.  Follow that with Blue Earls ClockWork Orange.  Then all the others were a mix of good, bad, and weird.

The Odessa Brewfest has quickly become my favorite drinking event each year.  The amount of people we see and friends we hang with is awesome.  Everyone hangs out and just enjoys each other’s company.  No drama, no fights, just brews and good times.

By the end of the event or at least when I began to time travel, I had enjoyed more than a dozen different beers.  That is probably counting on the low end also.  You know that feeling of when your so drunk that your feet feel like your walking in quicksand, yeah that drunk.  I am so happy for friends who can DD.  Never Drink and Drive it’s just stupid.

I can’t wait for next years event.  Congrats to the Bellefonte Brewing Company for taking home the 2018 title also.

Here are some photos of beers I enjoyed before I started Time Traveling.  I can remember some and other’s I can’t remember at all.