Eagles vs. Bucs

Week one was a little scary as the Eagles offense as it took some time to get things rolling.   On the plus side, the Defense looks legit.  This week the Eagles take on the Bucs who had a great week one dropping 48 on the Aint’s.  Nice defense New Orleans!!!  They will need to come back to earth this week since they are going to face what may be the best Defense in the entire NFL this year.  

The Birds will look to go 2-0 this week and should not have much trouble doing it.  That is as long as the offense can find a way to get going.  Here are some keys to the game so the Eagles can get yet another W.


This is easy RUN THE DAMN FOOTBALL.  I really mean run it early.  The Eagles have got to establish the run game early to allow Foles to get into a rhythm.  The Bucs only gave up 43 yards last week but that was because they forced the Saints into a shootout.  I wouldn’t expect that to happen this week.  Ajayi should see a large workload this week with Clement getting his share also.  I would expect the Eagles to dominate on the ground and allow Foles to under 30 passes this week.  The big reason for this is to keep the Bucs offense on the sidelines and not allow that offense to get into a rhythm themselves.


Nothing to worry about here.  The Eagles will get to Fitzpatrick and get to him all day.  It would be arrogant for the Bucs to think that he can do what he did in week 1 against this Eagles defense.  Sorry guys not happening.  I expect at least three sacks today and at least 2 turnovers.  The pressure will be coming and coming often.


There are two ways the Birds lose this game.

  1.  The offense never gets going.  A subpar receiving corp and a bad Foles can lead to mistakes and once again no scores.  Foles needs to get into a rhythm and this is the week to do it.  The TE’s need to be a big part of that.  If they can’t do this it will be a long day.
  2. Overconfident.  Hard to say since it’s only week 2 but they need to be prepared for a fight.  If the Bucs are for real then it will be a long day.  If they fail to get pressure their receivers can cause chaos.  They need to get pressure to force Fitz to make mistakes like he is used to doing.

The Birds will go 2-0 and today.  Foles will find is flow and the ground game will keep the Bucs sidelined all day.

FINAL SCORE 28 – 13. 

GO BIRDS!!!!!!!!!