POSTGAME: Eagles vs. Bucs

The Eagles and Bucs squared off in an NFC battle this weekend.  The Bucs were high flying while the Eagles were pretty grounded.  Two long passes by Fitzmagic determined the outcome of this one.  The Eagles will need to re-gather this week after a tough loss to take on the Indianapolis Colts. 

Pre-Game Breakdown and Prediction  (Sep 16th)


Pre-Games (Talking about the Defense)

Nothing to worry about here.  The Eagles will get to Fitzpatrick and get to him all day.

Post-Game Shenanigans:

I was talking about the Defense in that statement.  Are you serious Mills, the first goddamn play of the game.  FUCK FUCK FUCK.  Well, at least that was my reaction when it happened.  Oh and then again when the BUCS did it again with a TE.  150 yards on two plays in this game.  Swartz, fix it.  The first catch was on the first throw to D-Jack.  Jalen Mills looked liked a pop-warner kid playing Jerry Rice.  The second one to Howard is one of the poorest tackling exhibitions I have seen in a while.

OFFENSE: (Pre-Game)

This is easy RUN THE DAMN FOOTBALL.  I really mean run it early.  The Eagles have got to establish the run game early to allow Foles to get into a rhythm.

OFFENSE: (Post-Game)

Well, that went out the window quick with Ajayi going down early in the game.  Foles struggled to get a rhythm and the receiving corps lost Mike Wallace.  WTF.  Foles was forced into throwing 48 times (way too damn much) for 334 and 1 TD.

THE TRUTH: (Pre-Game on how they could lose) 

Overconfident.  Hard to say since it’s only week 2 but they need to be prepared for a fight.  If the Bucs are for real then it will be a long day.  If they fail to get pressure their receivers can cause chaos.  They need to get pressure to force Fitz to make mistakes like he is used to doing.


Well in all reality this game actually came down to two big plays by the Bucs.  Both just so happened to be 75-yard touchdown passes.  The final was 27-21 which isn’t that bad.  The Defense outside of those damn passes looked pretty good.  This was a tough loss but it is early enough in the season that it really won’t have any bearing on the end of the year.  I would hate to say it but I think this was a case of the Eagles playing down to an opponent.


Well, many thought that once the Eagles and Foles lost, Big Daddy Carson would be back.  Well, low and behold he is coming back this week to play the Colts.  I don’t know who the hell is going to catch the ball, Ertz may get twenty catches this week, but the man is back.  They will have a tough challenge ahead of them when they face their former offensive Coordinator Frank Reich and the Indianapolis Colts.

Check back later this week for a breakdown and prediction.