Eagles vs. Colts (The Return of Wentz)

Carson Wentz is back!!!!!!!!! The Birds get their number one QB back this week against the Colts.  This is a perfect game for him to come back in as the Colts are not that good on the defensive side of the ball.  The only downfall is that Carson has to make B and C level receivers look good.  That will be difficult.  Let’s get to the Breakdown:

Eagles Offense:

The birds are looking to finally get some consistency going on the offensive side.  Carson Wentz’s long awaited return is finally here and it’s a great game for it.  The Colts gave up 34 points in week one and have given up a ton of passing yards.  I expect Ertz to get a lot of looks today hulling in 10 catches and 100 yards with a TD.  Smallwood and Clement will see the bulk of carries today with Adams getting a few touches also.  Hopefully, the Eagles can get healthy soon as the schedule only gets tougher from here on out.

Eagles Defense:

Last week I said that the defense wouldn’t be a problem, boy was I wrong.  They gave up a TD on the very first play of the game.  The didn’t tackle well and they didn’t cover well.  They gave up to TD’s that were 75 yards a piece.  I have to believe that they played down to their competition and that the loss will wake them up.  Expect Fletcher Cox to have a big game today and the rest of that D line.  If they don’t get to Andrew Luck he will tear them apart.  The Colts don’t have the best running game so Luck is going to have to throw the ball.  Jalen Mills cannot make the same mistakes he did last week. I would be nice to see a couple of turnovers this week to help the offense out

How they Lose this Game:

The Birds could easily get beat this week as they face their former Offensive Coordinator now Colts head coach Frank Reich.  He knows things about our offensive that other coaches don’t know.  Other then that this is one of those games that if the Birds start to slow the Colts can jump out on top of them quickly.  The Eagles don’t have enough talent on the offensive right now to play catch up.  They will need to play aggressively on the Defensive side of the ball to allow Carson and the Offense to get into a groove.   If they play like they did last week they will get beat.  If the DB’s don’t stay disciplined when Luck starts moving around they will get torched.

How they Win this Game:

The Eagles win this game by playing aggressively on defense and by Carson playing great.  In order for him to play great, he will have to stay upright.  You will see a lot of passes to the TE’s today and passes to the RB’s.  The Eagles don’t have a deep threat so they will be picking apart the middle of the field and have those long clock eating drives throughout the day.   The long drives will give the Defense the necessary rest in order for them to get a couple of turnovers and get to the QB.


24-13 EAGLES 

Carson Wentz will throw 2 TD’s today with Clement and Smallwood both reaching the Endzone on the ground.


The Birds should go after Leveon Bell.