POSTGAME Eagles vs Colts

The first drive was perfect.  Carson overthrew a couple times but when it counted he kept the team moving and eventually hit Dallas Goedert in the Endzone for the rookies first TD.   In the second drive, he made a couple moves scrambled got hit and bounced right back up.  After the collective hush the crowd new Prince Wentz was back.

Offense Pre-Game:

The Colts gave up 34 points in week one and have given up a ton of passing yards.  I expect Ertz to get a lot of looks today hulling in 10 catches and 100 yards with a TD.  Smallwood and Clement will see the bulk of carries today with Adams getting a few touches also.

Offense Post-Game

After the first drive, the Eagles had trouble getting downfield and finishing drives.  The lack of wideouts is really hurting this team.  Smallwood and Clement split carries totaling 26 carries for over a hundred yards.  They sprinkled in Adams a few times who average 5 yards a carry and was a good change of pace.

Defense Pre-Game

The Colts don’t have the best running game so Luck is going to have to throw the ball.  Jalen Mills cannot make the same mistakes he did last week. I would be nice to see a couple of turnovers this week to help the offense out

Defense Post-Game

The Eagles couldn’t really get to Luck today but that didn’t seem to matter.  Luck threw the ball a ton but for very little yardage.  The Colts don’t have a very good offense.  The Eagles secondary helped them out a lot though, mainly Jalen Mills.  Two big interference penalties nearly cost the birds the game.  Swartz and crew need to get him under control.

How we did on our predictions:

Pre-Game Predictions:                                                                     Post-Game 

Carson with 2 TD’s                                                                               Carson threw just 1

A lot of catches by TE’s and RB’s                                                       19 by that group

Dominate the Clock                                                                              40mins of offense

10 catches for Ertz                                                                                5 for 73 yards

Final 24-13                                                                                              Actual 20-16

The Birds played good enough to get a win and in the end, that’s all that matters.  They have got to find a rhythm.  Wentz played good only having the one pick that was a terrible throw.  The fumble was a lucky play by the Colts.  They get the Titans next week which is a game that will probably look similar to this one.  Check back later in the week for that write-up.