Eagles vs. Titans

The birds are coming off a tough win to get to 2-1 on the season.  Carson looked good in his first game back.  He moved with no restrictions in the pocket and had some good zip on the ball.  The Eagles face off this week against the Marcus Mariota and the Tennessee Titans defense.  

The slow Eagle’s offense has a difficult challenge this week against a food Titans defense.  The birds still lack a downfield threat and the running backs are banged up.  Alshon comes back this week but it is uncertain how good he will be.  He has never been a deep threat so they will still struggle to stretch the field.  Once again look for the Ertz and Goedert to have big games.

The Eagles defense should have a good day since Mariota is banged up.  He is struggling to throw the ball with an elbow injury that makes it difficult to grip the ball.  He can still run better than most QB’s.  They don’t have to spy him but just be aware then he will take off once outside of the pocket.  Much like the Eagles the Titans are struggling at the receiver position. Their leading receiver only had 150 in three games and the second leading receiver is the running back.  The Eagles should be able to get to the quarterback and easily stop their lackluster running game.


The Eagles should have an easy game today.  Many would argue that this will be a tough game.  I am not saying that the birds are going to drop 40 on them but they should win by double digits.  Expect them to get to Mariota a bunch today with 4 sacks at least today.  The Titans will not be able to run the ball against this D.  If you need a kicker on your fantasy team get Ryan Succop because they are going to kick a ton of field goals.  Carson will have long drives today with a couple of TD passes.  They will have trouble running the ball with a banged up Ajayi and no Clement this week.  They are going to have to spread the ball around.


The only way they lose this game is if they give up like the Phillies.


27 – 9 GO BIRDS!!!!!!!!