DOW (Drinks of the Week): Valhalla Brewing Company

This week we checked out the New Kids on the Block, not the amazing boy band that rocked my adolescence, but a new brewer from Maryland Valhalla Brewing Company  They are Elkton, Marylands first microbrewery.  They had three brews of their own on tap and also had two other brewers, wine, and mead from Liquid Alchemy.  After a long week at work, it was off to ASGARD to try some new brews. 


The Facts:  Imperial Pilsner

ABV:  8.1%

IBU’s: Unkown ( I am going on the low side)

Style: Pilsner – It’s in the name

WAS IT GOOD:  Yeah it was decent.  My expectations weren’t high going in so they hit on that mark.  You could sit in the halls Asgard and drink 10 of these guys while discussing the conquests of your life, or in reality talk about your 401k and that your boss is a dick.  Your choice of topics but Asgard seems cooler.  If you guys aren’t getting the references to Asgard stop reading now and go to this link Valhalla

GARAGE FRIDGE ADDITION: Yeah I think we could add it once they start bottling or do up some growlers / crowlers.

IMG_4981The Facts:  Da Funk

ABV:  6.3%

IBU’s: Unkown ( also on the low side)

Style: Tangerine Ale

WAS IT GOOD:  It was not bad, the tangerine was subtle and didn’t overwhelm the brew.  I knew it was decent because I spent more time holding a conversation then complaining about my beer which is good.  Which I had no complaints.  Good job fellas.

GARAGE FRIDGE ADDITION: Probably not only because this isn’t a style that I would normally go for.

Check out their SWAG

Valhalla Brewing Company:

41 Cherry Hill Rd, Elkton, Maryland 21921, United States



I want to apologize for being off for a week.  So when it comes to drinking I have different moods for different types of alcohol.  The Vodka didn’t sit well with me and I will never drink that shit again unless I need a bloody mary.

Beer / Whiskey – I am a jolly good time


 RUM (Dark Mainly) – See below

VODKA – The easiest way to put it is…………. I’m a DICKHEAD


You get a chance this weekend to go check out Valhalla let me know what you think.  They also serve food try the BIG ASS PRETZEL, really that’s what it’s called.