Eagles vs. Vikings

It’s been a week since that terrible loss for the birds and I am still not over it.  The birds had them beat and let them off the hook.  The defense looked terrible and the secondary looked pedestrian at best.  Hopefully, they have put that behind them and are looking at starting on a new foot this week.

The Eagles have got to get pressure on the Cousins and force him into mistakes today.  The Vikings are looking for redemption and if the Birds aren’t careful Diggs will put up huge numbers against us.  We have to stop relying on the front four to do all the damn work on D.

The offense has got to find some way to get Carson time and get someone open.  They have to find a way to run the ball effectively to open up the passing game.  Carson has been sacked 9 times in two games.  That can’t continue or we will lose him again.

This is a good week for the Birds to get back on track.  The Vikings are desperate for a win and we are almost unbeatable at home.  The Birds have got to a decisive Victory this week to send a message that they are ready to defend their title.  A loss will almost be crippling and put the Birds in bad shape in their own division.  The last thing we need is the damn Cowboys leading the way.

Eagles pull out a good one today

FINAL 31-17