DOW (Drinks of the Week): Central Waters Brewing

What goes great with cheese, hell yeah your right, beer.  From the great state of Wisconsin, we bring you Central Waters Brewing Company.  These guys have been making beer for 20 years after becoming beasties in college.  This week I am excited to be trying their Honey Blonde Ale and their HHG (Horseshoes and Hand Grenades) APA, which scored 90 Points with Beer Connoisseur.  Onto the drinks:

The Facts:  Honey Blonde Ale

ABV:  4.8%

IBU’s: 12%

Style: Blonde Ale

WAS IT GOOD:  Of the two, this one fell into 2nd place. Something about the honey was throwing me off a bit. I also think it had something to do with the head cold I had all week. I guess my taste buds are off.  I saved one so when I feel better later in the week I can try it again.  I am sure the results will be different.

GARAGE FRIDGE ADDITION: It has a small space in the back corner for now.  I feel good about being able to move this one up a bit.

It’s not one of those beers you hide until your annoying cousin’s new boyfriend comes over and he is all like “I love craft beers bro, Not Your Fathers is awesome.”  Choke yourself weirdo or rather drink this.



The Facts:  HHG ( Horseshoes and Hand Grenades) APA

ABV:  5.3%

IBU’s: 45

Style: American Pale Ale

WAS IT GOOD:  I enjoyed this one. It was good while watching the Eagles beat up on the Jags in London while eating a full English breakfast. Minus the Blood pudding. It’s fried pigs blood, and yes people eat it.

GARAGE FRIDGE ADDITION: Second shelf. Again, taste buds are off. I think I need to give them another try so we can move them to the top shelf.

Central Waters Brewing Co you guys are making some damn good brews.  CHEERS!!!!

Heres my English Breakfast.  Eggs, Beans, Bacon, Spotted Dick, Scrapple (Because we didn’t have Blood Pudding) Scotch Eggs, and Beer