Eagles vs. Giants: Time to Kick Start the Season

One thing is for sure the Eagles love to use the Giants to get the season rolling.  Last year it was a 61 yard bomb field goal that got things going.  Now that may have been week three and we are now in week 6, but there is no difference.  We are coming off a bad loss, it’s a short week, and the Giants stink.  The birds have to win this football game.  Their is no option in the matter, the Eagles have to get a W against a division opponent before things get to out of hand. I would love to have broken down last weeks game but I am throwing that shit in the trash.  Here you want something fine, THEY STUNK!!!!!!!   Same people making the same damn mistakes.  I am so angry, because they have been in each of these games and could easily be 5-0 yet at the same token they have stunk so bad they could easily be 0-5.  It’s almost amazing.   Their biggest lose was by only 6 points.  Are your shitting me.

Look here it this week, the Eagles can win this game but they cannot make the mental errors that have been killing them so far.  The Penalties, wow, are out of control.  This is all on the players.  Lining up in an illegal formation, really guys.  JESUS.  Run the ball early.  That part is easier said then done.  I hope that Howie is looking to make a splash this week because we have ten days of in-between games.  Oh yeah he just so happen to clear enough cap space to sign that certain someone out of Pittsburgh.  Yeah Le’veon Bell, who by the way would be a perfect fit here.  PERFECT!!!!!!

I can’t go any further in this one.

EAGLES 28-13.  LETS GO BIRDS!!!!!!