POST GAME: Eagles vs. Giants

Well the Eagles got their first no doubt about it win this season by blowing out the Giants 34 – 13, my prediction by the way was 28-13.  I was so close this week.  Carson looked great tossing 278 yards and 3 TD’s.  The running game was effective with 29 carries and 94 yards between Smallwood and Clement.  The O-Line still struggled with Lane Johnson getting pushed around and Jason Peters getting owned.  All in All this was the win we needed and now with a ten-day layoff the Birds can get healthy and really get this thing moving.   I will be completely honest with everyone, I like watching Saquon Barkley run.  Wow that dude is fun to watch, he reminds me of a stronger Barry Sanders.  Alright enough about that guy. But really he is going to be a pain in the ass for a long time.

The Eagles suffered some more injuries and depending on the severity of Peters bicep injury, we may be looking at BIG V for the rest of this year.  He wasn’t to bad last night so hopefully that can continue.  Johnson got better as the game went on but had a rough start in the first half.  With all that said this was a good confidence builder game and moving forward you can only hope it continues in that direction.

The true test will come next week when the Eagles take on the Carolina Panthers in a huge conference game.  The Panthers will more than likely be 4-1 going into this game.  Going into week 6 last year, week 7 this year, the Panthers had the same record and were expected to beat us.  The Eagles played a great game and won 28-23.  If all goes well we should see a similar result.

This week was a good one and should kick-start the Eagles season.  Lets Go Birds!!!!!!