Eagles vs. Panthers

Last week I said that last weeks game against the Giants was going to kick start the season.  Well, they steamrolled those boys in blue.  This week the Birds have to travel to North Carolina to face the Panthers who are coming off of a bad loss.  One team is down and one team is up, who will take it this week?

The Panthers are coming off of a tough loss to the Washington Redskins in which they just couldn’t find a way to get it done.  Instead of being 4-1 coming into this game they are 3-2 and still trying to find their offensive identity.  the Panthers Pass offense is ranked in the mid 20’s.  I know what your saying, Jalen, Jalen, Jalen.  Last weeks game should be the confidence builder they needed to start moving in the right direction with the secondary.  If the Eagles can get pressure on the QB then that will relieve pressure on the secondary.  It’s one big machine that needs all its parts on the same page.  Although the Panthers are favored the Birds should be able to come out with a win.

The Panthers defense is not what it once was.  They are in the middle of the field in stopping the rush and stopping the run.  The Eagles who have gotten better offensively since the return of Wentz. This will be a good week to put together a balanced offensive attack this week that will keep Cam and company off of the field.  The key this week is having those long drives that wear down the defense.  You can’t let Cam get comfortable and start throwing the ball all over the place.

The way the Eagles lose this game is by taking it lightly and having too many 3 and outs.  They can’t let the penalty bug hit them again either.  The Eagles secondary has not proven yet that they can stop anybody, again the Giants game was a confidence builder only because they may be the worst team in football outside of the Cardinals.  The Birds will have to establish a ground game so that they can get back to working the RPO’s (Run Pass Option) and keep the pressure off of Wentz.

Speaking of pressure, Peters scares me.  He was already getting a lot of penalties because he lacked lower body strength and was getting beat.  Now he has a torn bicep.  Look the man has had one hell of a career but someone needs to get him to sit down.   It’s over big fella, thanks for everything you did.  If he has no lower body strength, and now lacks upper body strength we could be in a ton of trouble.

Eagles will come out victorious this week in a close game initially.  I am going out on a limb this week as we see the return of the champs.  Eagles take off in the second half and win this game by double digits.  I don’t care what the line says in Vegas.

Final Score – 31 – 17 Eagles.  GO BIRDS!!!!!