DOW (Drinks of the Week): Hi-Wire Brewing Company

This week’s DOW comes from North Carolina.  The boys from HI-Wire Brewing Company rock a circus theme for their brews.  This week we are trying out their Lo-Pitch Juicy IPA and the Hi-Wire lager.  Their Hi-Wire took first place at the NC Brewers cup for German Style Pilsner.  I am super excited to give these guys a try.  Onto the Facts:  Cheers!!!!!


The Facts:  LO-Pitch Juicy IPA

ABV:  4.9%

IBU’s: 35

Style: India Pale Ale

WAS IT GOOD:  This went down well.  I think I would have had a better attitude towards it but my Eagles were busy blowing a 17 point lead.  Sorry, that one is still pretty fresh in my mind.  In all fairness to HI-WIRE it’s not your fault the beer was tasty.

GARAGE FRIDGE ADDITION: I would through these guys in there.  They have a good balance and nice smooth flavor.


The Facts:  HI-Wire Lager

ABV:  4.6%

IBU’s: 22

Style: American Lager

WAS IT GOOD:  This was my favorite of the two.  I love a good lager and this one had some deliciousness to it.  It probably helped that I was drinking this on a cool fall night enjoying a bonfire and outdoor movie.

GARAGE FRIDGE ADDITION: Yeah, Buddy.  Put this guy on the door rack and watch people gobble them up.  I used gobble because we are getting close to Thanksgiving.  HAHAHAHAHA

ASKING FOR A FRIEND:  Does Craft Beer Cure a common cold.